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About Roamer Watches

Roamer epitomises the essence of tradition in its luxury Swiss watch brand. They pinpoint their target audience as people who ‘spend their leisure with friends or with their families. Their dedication, steadfastness and extraordinary sense for doing the right thing unites them at important moments’.
Starting back in 1888 in a small workshop in Solothurn, Switzerland, producing cylinder escapements, Fritz Meyer opened the doors to what in a few more decades would become the watch movement manufacturer, Meyer & Stu¨deli.19 years later and Roamer watches production soared to one million units a year, manufacturing their own cases to ensure quality control. Shortly after that they changed their name to that of their leading brand, the company became known as Roamer Watch Co. SA. In 2009 the Swiss Watch Group acquired 50% of the company and successfully repositioned it on the international watch market.
Roamer watches are a company that place significant value in character. In their own words they believe that ‘the unique character of our timepieces can be attributed to our belief in the balance of the organic and natural and the man-made that comes into play in the conflicting priorities of tradition and modernity. We live the philosophy of true values: it guides our thoughts, actions and lifestyle.’
Their watch collections represent all the facets of the watchmakers’ art and, naturally, feature the ultimate in accoutrements. Catering to all tastes, from the mens Roamer watches sports line aptly named Superior, to their delicate, yet edgy ceramic ladies watch range, the Ceralines and the more classic ranges such as the Odeon, Supernova and Saturn lines there is certainly a design to appeal to any appetite.

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