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Day & Date Watches

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Day Date Watches

Day & date watches feature both the day of the week and the date of the month. Many also feature the day displayed in two languages (normally English & French). The day and date are held on two separate, geared rotating wheels just under the watch dial. As the watch hands approach midnight the day and date begin to change, depending on the model this can happen as early as 11 pm and as late as 2 am. With bi-lingual date watches the date is set to the appropriate language and will always after show that format.

Useful when set correctly

To set day and date watches for the majority of models, pull the ‘winder’ or crown out to the first stop or ‘click’ rotating in on direction alters the day and in the other direction, the date. Always set the day/date to the day before, then pull the crown out to the time setting mode and travel the hands around, past 12 o’clock until the date advances to the correct date. In this manner you can see where midnight is and avoid the date changing at 12 noon.