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Titanium Watches

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Titanium Watches

The benefits of titanium watches over the more common stainless steel watch are varied. As the watch case, bracelet and clasp can all be made of a titanium alloy that’s best suited to its purpose, the benefits largely mirror that of titanium itself. The most obvious is the lightness of the metal itself. Many sport men’s watches can be of a very large size and hence very heavy when made of stainless steel. Although steel watches are very robust and strong, some wearers find them too heavy and uncomfortable. Titanium watches are a relatively new creation, but they are very popular for being lightweight en yet very strong. The comparison in weight between a stainless steel watch is quite extreme particularly if you are used to steel. Although slightly more expensive than steel, they are worth it for all of its attributes. Titanium is also popular for women’s watches, currently popular in larger sizes that would be too heavy when made from steel.

Titanium now with added glamour

Titanium is also favoured for its colour when compared to steel. Titanium is darker in colour and has a more sporty appearance. It is ideal for its corrosion resistance, and is also hypo allergenic as it doesn’t contain Nickel.  This means it is almost certain not to cause any allergic skin reactions. Recent manufacturing advancements mean that titanium watches can have polished sections, giving some models an added sparkle and touch of glamour. Often, the watch manufacturers flagship model will be a titanium one. Professionals in every aspect of life often choose titanium for its durability, strength and lightness. From Pilots to combat troops, titanium is the only choice. We have a wide range of titanium models, all with free UK delivery.