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Hypo-allergenic Watches

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Hypo-allergenic Watches

There are many forms of allergies that can be triggered by wearing a watch. Hypoallergenic watches are becoming increasingly specified when selecting the perfect watch. The most common cause of allergic reaction is from the metal Nickel. This can be present in all of or just certain parts of the watch case, bracelet, buttons, case back or the clasp. Another less common cause of reaction is to the metal Cobalt. Hypoallergenic watches have none of these metals present and will drastically reduce reactions in most people. European safety standards have reduced the likelyhood of reactions for watches purchased in the UK, although they can still occur. From our 35 years experience in watches, we have learnt about the best hypoallergenic  watches. There are many brands that will state that their watches are allergy safe, and others that wont in case of any problems that may arise. Our range of hypoallergenic watches use a variety of materials in their construction, some more expensive than others. Materials such as Gold, Titanium, Silver and certain stainless steels are safe. Care is also needed in some coatings that are applied to the watch, and what materials have been used in them. Our range of allergy safe watches has been selected form consideration and experience