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Glossary of Watch Parts

Watch Part Glossary


The upper portion of the watch that surrounds the face and can appear to hold the crystal. On many watches the bezel rotates, either uni or bi directionally. Rotating bezels can be used to measure elapsed time. Some bezels may be embellished with crystals or diamonds. Watch repairs relating to the bezel can often involve a complete new watch case as manufacturers treat them as one assembled unit. For higher end watch brands it is easier to source new bezels, particularly for Rolex watches.


The bracelet or 'watch band' of a wristwatch is a linked bracelet used to hold the watch to the wrist. Made in a variety of materials from Stainless Steel to Solid Gold the bracelet can be sized to fit the wearer. It is rarely possible to repair watch links, unless they are real silver or gold. Additional links of any material can be ordered via our Brand Maintenance Form on this site to replace lost or broken links or to increase the size of the watch should you require.


The clasp or catch is used to secure the watch bracelet to the wearers wrist. Many types of clasp exist, some have spring loaded push buttons others simply clip down. In terms of watch repair, clasps are often easy to replace, however it is important that an original clasp is fitted to ensure a secure fixing to the original bracelet. Sometimes the clasp is not available on its own, and purchase of a complete metal bracelet is required.


The crown, sometimes referred to as the 'winder' or 'button' is used to set the time and date on your watch. If damaged the crown can become hard to use and may cause damage to other parts of the watch. Many crowns, particularly on watches over 100m water resistant, have rubber gaskets that protect the inner workings of the watch from water ingress. Original crowns can be supplied and fitted by ourselves. Damage to the crown is often accompanied by damage to the 'stem' (Please see 'stem' below) and that often requires watch servicing to ensure no further damage to the inside of the watch.


The 'face' of the watch. The dial shows the time and often day, date and stopwatch functions. It is very difficult to re-finish watch dials. This is usually only undertaken on more expensive watches or those with sentimental value. It is always easier to replace the dial unless the parts are no longer available from the brand.


The glass, lens or 'crystal' is the transparent front of the watch that protects the hands from dust, dirt and damage. Materials that are used include mineral crystal, synthetic sapphire and resin. Watch glass repairs usually involve fitting a new one. Sometimes, if the "glass" is actually resin, small cuts and scuffs can be polished out successfully. Replacement glass can be supplied and fitted by Creative Watch Co.


One of the sections which make up a watch bracelet. Links are often held together by 'split pins', screws or spring bars and can be used to lengthen existing watch bracelets or replace damaged links. We can supply original replacement links for most of our brands.


The protruding parts of a watch case that hold the strap or bracelet. We may ask you for the distance between the lugs to ascertain the width of the strap required.


Also referred to as the 'workings', 'insides' or 'clockwork' of a watch. The watch movement regulates the time and powers the watch hands. Movements are powered by many sources, most commonly a battery or power cell or in the case of automatic watches the movement of the wearers wrist. We are able to replace batteries in most watch brands. Watch Servicing is also available should your automatic, quartz or mechanical watch not be functioning correctly.


The button or buttons which activate the chronograph or other functions of a watch. Chronograph watches typically have two buttons, one above and one below the crown.

Safety Catch

A hinged metal section on a watch catch that prevents accidental opening. The safety catch is most often an integral part of the catch and so can only be replaced as a whole unit. Sometimes this can be repaired by adjusting so that it maintains its physical function.

Spring Bar

The sprung steel pin (also known as a 'spring pin') that holds the watch strap or bracelet to the watch case. The spring bar fits between the two lugs on the watch case and securely fits case and strap together. We recommend replacing both spring bars at the same time as the bar on the other side is often bent or worn and may fail too. These pins are never repaired, just replaced.


The metal bar that connects the watch crown to the gears inside a watch enabling the user to set the time and date. Damage to the watch crown is often accompanied by damage to the stem which may also need replacing if the crown is damaged or missing. If the Crown or stem have been damaged/missing for a while the watch may have allowed water or dirt to get to the movement. If the stem or crown are the only parts repaired, the watch movement may cause problems at a later time. To be able to offer any form of guarantees on watch repair, the movement may need servicing at the same time.


Also known as a 'watch band'. Made of a variety of materials including Leather, Rubber or Fabric but not including metals. We are able to supply original watch straps for most models of the brands we carry. Some watch manufacturers can supply extra long leather straps. Or in the case of metal bracelets, extra links can often be provided. Sometimes the manufacturer may charge extra for this. In some cases alternative colours or styles may be available or you may be able to change an existing strap to a metal bracelet.


At the point where a metal bracelet meets the watch case there is often a shaped piece of metal that helps to attach the watch case to the bracelet. If this is lost or badly damaged we can sometimes repair or supply replacements. Over time this wing can become distorted and can result in too much force being transmitted to the spring bars, leading to failure. Sometimes the wings can be repaired by adjusting them back to their original shape.