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Casio's Invincible G-Shock Watch

Casio's Invincible G-Shock Watch

An unbreakable watch was a vision of a young Casio engineer named Kikuo Ibe, head of watch design, he wanted to create an invincible watch that wouldn’t break, even when dropped from a 10 metre height.

To turn his dream into a reality, Team Tough was formed in 1981 by three members of Casio watches, and targeted all of their efforts at creating a concept named “triple 10”.  The criteria for this new innovation in watch manufacturing would be a Casio watch that has a 10 meter water resistance, ten year battery life and the ability to be dropped from 10 meters in height.

After several exhausting months the three Casio engineers were about to throw the towel in, fearing their dream would not come to fruition. It was by sheer chance that Casio’s engineer Kikuo was in a local park and observed a child bouncing a rubber ball. It dawned on him that no impact reaches the inside of a bouncing rubber ball. 

After many gruelling hours, over 200 experimental prototypes had been developed. Casio’s three engineers finally came up with a SHOCK RESISTANT structure; this was achieved by suspending the module within a hollow structure. In 1983 the first Casio G-Shock watch was launched. Casio’s G-Shock models still continue to evolve but one thing that remains unchanged is their unique structure.