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How to Spot A Fake Designer Michael Kors Watch

How to Spot A Fake Designer Michael Kors Watch

There are many people that seek out fake Michael Kors watches, however for those of us looking for the genuine article at a discount, it’s hard to know what your buying until it’s too late. While apps such as Shpock and social media sites are a fantastic way to let others enjoy your well maintained goods, buying new watches from unknown vendors online can be a risk and it is always advisable to visit a reputable retailer before making up your mind. As retailers of Michael Kors watches, it is important to us that our customers know how to spot the differences between real and fake watches to avoid disappointment. Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you are considering buying or suspect you have already purchased a fake Michael Kors watch.

The cons of buying a fake Michael Kors watch

When buying a fake Michael Kors watch, there are almost no positives. While you may think that the price is worth the risk, you will find that before long the watch will begin to show signs of wear and tear. Whether it is scratches on the metal work and glass or a faded dial or broken parts, you ultimately will have to put time effort and money in simply keeping the watch in the condition it was purchased.

Finding a reputable seller of Michael Kors watches

Before you buy, ask yourself whether this vendor can be trusted. The easiest and most effective way to determine this is by looking at reviews online or if the vendor has been recommended via word of mouth.

Good Vs Bad Recommendations & Reviews

Most websites will have their share of negative reviews, which is a good indication that the business is legitimate. However if the negative reviews are equal to or exceed the average & positive reviews, we recommend that you look elsewhere. This also applies to vendors that have only positive reviews, as the users may not be genuine.

Spotting Genuine Reviews

There are many of review sites around that can verify that a review is from a legitimate user. Here are a few ways to spot fake reviews in comparison to the real ones. Use a trusted review site - It is common practice these days for websites to have reviews on their own website, however it is important to know whether these can be trusted. Usually these will be linked to a trusted third party review sites such as Trustpilot and Feefo, however if not, we recommend visiting these sites directly for reliable information. Review Quality - Consider both when the product was purchased and when the review was left. How informative are the reviews? The more details provided about the product and overall experience, the better it is to make an informed decision. If reviews are vague, this could be a sign of manipulation.

Vendor Responses

Typically, it is more common for users to leave reviews of negative experiences than positive ones, which can be unfair on some businesses. Look at the responses to these negative comments to see what the full story is and more importantly how they were dealt with. If the review has been ignored or responded to in a non professional manner, this vendor should be avoided. Alternatively, if the response from management has been swift, explanatory and fair with appropriate compensation, this is a very positive sign. You may also find that some negative reviews are quite harsh, which should not reflect on the vendor.

Product Clarity

If the vendor is selling their products online, look at the quality of the images they have, and the website in general. Do they clearly show the product and detail in the description what you will be receiving and when you are likely to receive it? We suggest contacting the vendor to find out not only how regularly they respond, but also enquire as to how & why the product is available at this price.

Tips when buying a Michael Kors Watch Face To Face

When buying face to face, the same rules generally apply as they do online. If you do not have access to reviews online, try to find a previous customer that can verify all transactions are legitimate and above board. Ask the salesperson if it is possible to see the watch and try it on, if they act in an evasive manner and are reluctant to show you the watch, this could be a sign of foul play. Ensure that the watch they are showing you has the appropriate packaging & paperwork, and if so, request to look inside the box for further verification. If this vendor is selling a genuine Michael Kors watch at an unusually low rate, they will understand that your have some reservations and will be more than willing to reassure you.

12 Signs a Michael Kors watch is fake

If you have already bought the watch, are able to see the watch with your own eyes or are looking at images online, Here are 3 key areas to look at to verify that the watch is genuine.


The contents - A genuine Michael Kors watch, will always contain some additional links. The display pillow - Genuine MK watch pillows have the seam somewhat inset so they are visible from above, as opposed to fakes that will resemble a standard pillow with the seams only visible from the side. The box - The rim of the box itself should be deeper with the brand name embossed on the bottom edge. Similarly the top of the box should be very deep so that it almost reaches the bottom of the box. If the packaging contains the words limited edition on there in any form, or is missing a batch stamp on the outside, this is guaranteed to be a fake. The paperwork - With all genuine Michael Kors watches, there will be a warranty booklet and user manual. Check that any model numbers match those found on the watch caseback and there are no errors or discrepancies with the logo or text. This includes such as letter spacing, fonts, spelling errors and dates.

The watch

The face & dials Subdials - All 3 dials on an MK watch should display different metrics or numerical values. On a fake watch, it is likely that 2 of these subdials will be identical or may not have working chronographs. Date display - If the MK watch has a date display, check to see if the numbers are correctly aligned in the viewing window. On a fake, the numbers on these dials are likely to be off centred. Logo - Again, look out for the lettering and spacing of the brand name on the face of the watch. Each letter should be perfectly spaced with no two letters touching. A logo can also be found embossed on the crown. The model number - A model number can be found on the case back of a Michael Kors watch. Check that it matches the model number found on any paperwork accompanying the watch. The strap - Original watches with metal straps are made from stainless steel coated with PVD for durability. False watches have a tin alloy coating with latex, which is easily scratched. Embellishments - An authentic stone-studded Michael Kors watch has all the crystals perfectly placed, but a fake watch has patches of glue with an uneven finishing, giving it an unflattering look. Weight - Check out the weight of a genuine watch online from a vendor selling at full price. The originals are more or less same in weight, with differences of no more than 4 grams. Fake watches can be off by up to 40 grams. Price – Of course the absolute tell tale sign of a fake Michael Kors watch is the price. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is!

What to do if your watch turns out to be fake?

If you discover the watch you have purchased turns out to be fake, we recommend contacting both the original vendor, trading standards and the authorities so this can be dealt with via the proper channels. It is unlikely that you will get your money back, however you can ensure that no one else is scammed. This also applies if you have not received the product and have had no response from the vendor or if you have received the product but feel that what you received was not what was promised. If you are still not sure about your watch, bring it in for one of our experts to look at! We are also here to help if your watch is damaged or requires parts & spares, repairs, glass replacement, dial restoration, strap size adjustment or battery replacement. Creative Watch Co sell only genuine Michael Kors watches in Birmingham. For great discounts on all our watches, check out our sale!