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Seiko launch new Solar powered watch range in the UK.

Seiko launch new Solar powered watch range in the UK.

Seiko launched its first Solar Watch in 1977 and has lead the way in the development of solar technology.  Since 1977 Seiko have continuously developed new solar calibres and has now launched a new collection to the UK market.

Today the Seiko Solar Collection includes Men’s and womens watches in both sporty and dress style. Seiko are continuing to update the collection with the introduction in 2011 of solar chronographs, pilots and divers watches ensuring solar technology be available to all customers requirements. The collection comprises of 81 watches in total, 37 Gents and 44 Ladies models.  Seiko Solar watches have similar specifications to that of other quartz watches with the added advantage of solar technology yet have priced their watch collection comparatively.  So why choose a Seiko Solar?

Seiko Solar offer the same high quality that you would expect in any Seiko quartz watch plus:

An unlimited power source

No battery change required

Longer service intervals

Prices that offer additional value

So what exactly is solar technology?

These watches are powered by all kinds of light; not only sun light but any form of light will charge these watches very quickly. In most Seiko solar calibres just two minutes of sunlight will charge a watch for one whole day and is fully charged after three hours.  When worn regularly the watch will remain fully charged. A Seiko solar watch can be left in pitch blackness for up to six months or twelve months with some models and the watch will continue to work normally.  If the watch loses power just eight minutes of sun light or thirty minutes in some models will be enough for the Seiko solar to start working normally. 

No battery change is ever required making these models virtually maintenance free. Seiko do recommend occasional servicing to keep your watch working at its optimum performance level.  By eliminating the need for any battery change Seiko Solar watches are considered environmentally friendly. 

Originally solar watch dials had to be semi-transparent to allow optimal absorption of light. Thanks to Seiko’s advancements in technology they are now able to design and manufacture watch dials that are solid in colour (truly white or truly black dials) ensuring the beauty of Seiko solar watches are no longer forsaken for functionality.