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The evolution of the GPS Seiko Astron and the latest limited edition

The evolution of the GPS Seiko Astron and the latest limited edition

Do you have space for a Seiko Astron in your watch collection? By space, we mean literally.

The name Astron is synonymous with the Seiko brand, having first launched the original Astron on Christmas Day in 1969. Seiko made history by introducing the world’s first quartz watch, ensuring the wearer of incredible accuracy and guaranteeing a full year of battery life, much more than any mechanical watch on the market at the time could offer. At the time of its release, Seiko were so sure in the ability of its new timepiece, they were quoted saying ‘Someday, all watches will be made this way’.

In 2012, the Astron was re-born, once again showcasing Seiko’s technological advances in the field of time keeping; cue the introduction of the Seiko Solar powered GPS World Time watch. This really was a step up from the various radio-controlled watches on the market, with the Astron promising global coverage whether that be in the middle of an ocean, desert, the North Pole or on the highest mountain top! The latest Seiko Astron also automatically recognise which time zone they are in, something a radio–controlled watch can struggle to do.

So, how does it work? The Seiko Astron GPS World Time is powered by light and connects to satellites in space, to give you the exact time with an accuracy of one second every 100,000 years possible in 40 different time zones. Through Seiko’s advanced technology, the watch is able to tell you the time wherever you are in the world through the push of a button. The watch also includes a Daylight Saving Time function and a perpetual calendar, which will correctly tell you the date right up to the year 2100!

So, with all that on the inside, what is the outside like? The Astron’s have changed notably throughout the years, with the original in 1969 boasting an opulent 18ct gold case! The more modern Astrons although not gold, still have elements of luxury and their appearance is suitably space age.

Focusing on the Seiko Astron model SSE091J1, just one of seven in the new Caliber 8X22 Astron collection, it has plenty of aesthetic features to brag about with the design based on how the world looks from space at night. The case is super durable and lightweight titanium with a super-hard black scratch resistant coating, flowing into the equally robust titanium bracelet with ceramic aspects and a three-fold clasp with push button release. There is also an option of a crocodile strap included. The watch has a ceramic bezel to improve signal reception and a delicate mother of pearl dial protected by sapphire crystal glass with a super-clear coating.

Seiko have reduced the size of the new collection, making the 2016 model the slimmest yet! Seiko have created the 2016 Astron with a diameter of 44.8mm and a thickness of 12.4mm compared to its chunkier and heavier 13.3mm counterpart from 2012, but don’t worry, they have not compromised on functionality. This watch is also water resistant to 100m, perfect for swimming wherever in the world you may be!

As the name suggests, limited edition really does mean just that, with Seiko UK only commissioning 20 of the Seiko Astron model SSE091J1 for the UK market. All 20 of these allocations were made at Basel World in April and as the only authorised Astron dealer in Birmingham, here at Creative Watch Co we are so excited to be one of the chosen few to stock this cutting edge time piece. So, will Seiko both make and predict the future again, will all watches be made this way? We can’t wait to find out.

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